The magic happens in
the pauses

Escape the everyday and step into the sanctuary of nature.
Forest bathing: where science meets serenity.

forest bathing in ericeira, Portugal

The magic happens in
the pauses

Escape the everyday and step into the sanctuary of nature.
Forest bathing: where science meets serenity.

forest bathing in ericeira, Portugal

An Awakening: Forest Bathing for Body, Mind, and Soul

Forest bathing is more than a stroll beneath the trees: it's a mindful immersion in nature, a chance to tune in and reconnect with our senses, rediscover inner peace, and find new or greater appreciation for the natural world.

Science confirms it: time in nature boosts our immunity, increases states of happiness, reduces stress and anxiety, and unlocks creativity. Forest bathing: Find solace in the quiet moments, connection in shared discoveries, and rediscover the joy of simply being.

So much more than just a walk

Discover the power of forest bathing

Tune in and slow down

A simple but purposeful practice, forest bathing invites us to slow down and tune in to all of our senses, calming our minds and soothing our souls.

Reconnect and restore

Forest bathing brings us back to our true selves, inviting us to reconnect with ourselves, each other and all that is part of our natural environment.

Relax and recharge

Experience the healing powers of nature. After a forest bathing walk, you’ll feel more relaxed, more connected and more present.

Explore our Forest Bathing Experiences

Find Your Pause

Immerse yourself in the soothing calm of nature with our guided forest bathing walks.

Forest bathing experiences can take place in any nature setting, not only in the forest - in your local park, at the beach, in your garden, even from inside your home. All you need is a plant!

Choose from individual journeys into serenity or communal adventures of shared connection. 

Each walk typically lasts between 2-3 hours and is facilitated by a certified forest therapy guide.


Guided one-on-one walk

For anyone seeking personal reflection, a break from daily hustle and bustle, or a deeper connection with themselves and the natural world.


Guided group walk

Ideal for team building, family outings, or solo adventurers wanting to connect with others.


Guided virtual walk

For those with limited time or wanting accessible nature experiences regardless of location.

Ready to swap screens for sunlight?

Book your forest bathing walk today and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you. Let nature be your guide, your sanctuary, and your source of endless inspiration.

Had no expectations yet I feel the walk gave me more than I could have wished for.


If you feel overwhelmed by daily life and want to disconnect and be present, go on a forest bathing walk.


A beautiful way to spend some time away from the noise and hustle and bustle of daily life.


Use forest bathing to discover yourself and your role as a human being, with other life.


Forest bathing brings you back to the present moment, as well as an appreciation for nature and the value of slowing down.


I loved it! My favourite part was offering tea to Nature.

Arlo (7 years old)

Your Forest Bathing Guide in Ericeira and Beyond!

Discover the magic of forest bathing with me, Simone. With coastal cliff trails to green hillsides and secret forests - all within a short distance from Ericeira - there is so much of Nature's beauty to appreciate and explore.  

Nature is medicine for my soul: it soothes, nourishes, relaxes and inspires me. Being able to deepen my relationship with Nature through forest bathing, has only made my connection and gratitude  for the natural world stronger.

While I love guiding walks in my local haven, I'm also open to tailoring forest bathing experiences wherever you are!

let's find your perfect pause in nature

Guiding certification

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